Viktoria Naydionova

Viktoria Naydionova

project researcher

Studied at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. Took distance learning course “Courts and the Media” by the Institute of Media Law, training on human rights, peculiarities of media coverage of military topics, refugee problems, training on digital security and safety of journalists working amid military operations.

In 2015, already worked at Human Rights Centre ZMINA as news editor and journalist.

Worked as news editor at “Telekrytyka” media outlet, 24 Channel project; journalist at “Kharkiv. Comments”, “Mediaport” outlets.

Hosted “Key Point” and “Open Access” programs on social and political topics at “Ukrainian Radio. Kharkiv”.

Covered trials and protests, in particular, the events of two Maidan revolutions, the Kharkiv protests of 2010 against the construction of a road through the city’s forest park, protests against development and destruction of architectural monuments in Kyiv.

Served in a signal unit of the 56th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under a contract for three years.

Currently recovering from injuries received under fire in Kharkiv in March.

Hobbies: reading, animals, mountain tourism, swimming, hatha yoga, volleyball.