Be the voice of captive Ukrainians: urgent campaign launches in Germany in the wake of Ukrainian Independence Day

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An urgent campaign, “Be the #VoiceofCaptiveUkrainians,” has been launched in Germany on the heels of Ukrainian independence day to address a pressing humanitarian crisis. More than 25,000 Ukrainian civilians are currently held captive in Russia, and this campaign aims to draw attention to their plight and advocate for their well-being. Under the campaign’s initiative, organizations such as Common Sense Communication, Human Rights Centre ZMINA and Vitsche are collaborating to encourage Germans to urge swift action for the release of captive civilians who need urgent medical attention. 

The statistics, sourced from the Ukrainian government, reveal a grim reality of ordinary Ukrainians being taken from their homes, including civilians, the elderly, and women. The campaign currently focusses on four such individuals – Mykola Petrovsky, Iryna Horobtsova, Yevhen Prislyak, and Artem Baranov. Mykola, Artem and Yevhen need urgent medical attention and Iryna is a human rights activist. 

Germans are invited to rally behind the campaign by extending their voices to advocate for these captives. By writing to the Russian Embassy in Germany, requesting information about their well-being, and urging for their immediate release, Germans can contribute to shedding light on the situation. The campaign also calls for sharing the stories of Mykola, Iryna, Artem, and Yevhen on social media platforms, amplifying the urgency and compelling immediate action. 

“As Ukrainians commemorate their independence, this campaign invites Germans to join hands in a gesture of solidarity. By raising awareness and advocating for the captive Ukrainians, Germany can play a pivotal role in advancing human rights and justice in a stronger Europe,” added Tetiana Pechonchyk, Head of the Human Rights Centre ZMINA. 

Every post, every mention of the names of Ukrainians in need of urgent medical assistance is important. When we shed light on people and their stories, it becomes more difficult to ignore them. We want to thank the Germans who support Ukraine and its people and ask them to become part of our campaign, as together we can save lives,” says Dina Zaika, Campaign Coordinator. 

The campaign acknowledges the key role Germany has played in the support for Ukraine and its people.

Follow the campaign web page here.