Grant competition for Crimean media outlets that moved to the mainland

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The ZMINA Human Rights Centre announces a grant competition for Crimean media outlets, which had worked on the peninsula before the occupation, moved to the mainland of Ukraine after March 2014 and continue to cover Crimean issues.

The aim of the project is to increase the quantity and quality of accurate and objective information about the developments and processes in the occupied Crimea, as well as the life of Crimean people on the peninsula and on the mainland of Ukraine.

Grants to cover Crimean issues will be provided on a competitive basis to registered NGOs and media outlets of Crimean origin.

The priorities of the project are the stories about current Crimean issues aimed targeting the domestic audience, people living in the occupied Crimea, as well as the international community. The content created within the project must meet professional journalistic standards.

The main cost items of the project may include remuneration for journalists, editors and other expenses related to the direct production of journalistic pieces, purchase of necessary equipment, support of coverage of events and processes in Crimea in English, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages, etc.

The priority will be given to the applications, which include the creation of unique content from the Crimea, as well as a strategy for disseminating content in the media and / or social networks to maximize audience attention and increase the presence of Crimean topics in the Ukrainian information space.

The duration of journalistic projects should not exceed 12 months. The projects are supposed to start in February-March 2021.

The total budget of the competition is about UAH 850 thousand.  The project applications are expected to vary from UAH 100 to 275 thousand.

The application form is sent upon request (addressed to

The completed application for participation in the competition should be submitted by January 12, 2021 inclusive, addressed to .