Tetiana Pechonchyk presented a manual from the CJE on self-regulation of Ukrainian media during the war

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The Commission on Journalistic Ethics has released the second edition of the manual “Self-regulation of Ukrainian media during martial law in Ukraine”. The Head of the Board of Human Rights Centre ZMINA and member of the CJE Tetiana Pechonchyk presented it at the lecture of reporter Stas Kozliuk “Reports from the war”.

“This manual raises many issues that Ukrainian journalists practically encounter. The edition contains the most important decisions of the Commission on Journalism Ethics, which are devoted to the activities of journalists and the media in the period after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We hope that this manual will be useful not only for journalists who work and cover issues related to the war every day, but also for students and teachers of journalism faculties”, said Tetiana Pechonchyk during her speech at the lecture of reporter Stas Kozliuk “Reports from the war”.

The manual was published with the support of the Representative Office of Freedom House in Ukraine. The edition reveals the peculiarities of self-regulation of the Ukrainian media during the martial law in Ukraine.

It also presents the legal aspects of the activities of journalists during the war, reveals the issues of journalistic standards, gender equality, and explains the specifics of the commission’s activities during martial law.

“During the preparation of this edition, we relied on the first manual and supplemented it with the materials that we had already developed, combined and summarised. Therefore, after opening the manual, you will find information on how to cover the issue of human deaths, what vocabulary to choose when we write about armed conflict, the military, war crimes, what information can be provided and what information should not be provided. In addition, the edition also includes links to recommendations provided to us by the Department of Public Relations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the correct terminology”, Tetiana Pechonchyk said.

You can get a printed version of the manual by sending a request to Human Rights Centre ZMINA – info@zmina.ua.You can find an electronic version at this link (in Ukrainian).