Collaborationism and abetting the aggressor state: practice of legislative application and prospects for improvement

This analytical report seeks to identify the main trends and problems in the application of Articles 111-1 (“Collaborationism”) and 111-2 (“Abetting the aggressor state”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine through the analysis of judicial practice, as well as the results of in-depth interviews with representatives of law enforcement agencies (National Police of Ukraine, State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the prosecutor’s office), the judiciary and defense lawyers with the aim of further improving the legislation on collaborationism and developing an effective strategy for the consideration of such cases to form a uniform and proper practice.

The issue of criminal prosecution for collaboration with the occupying power remains very important both for those who live in the territory under the control of the Government of Ukraine and those who are still under occupation. The success of the reintegration of the liberated territories of Ukraine will depend on the wellthought-out legislation of Ukraine on the prosecution of persons involved in collaborationism and the practice of its application.

The report is available in English and Ukrainian.