The human rights situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea during the seven years of occupation: Analytical report

This report presents sets forth a consolidated array of information on the human rights situation for the seven years of occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and analyses the main trends in the area of human rights violations by the occupying authorities in Crimea.

This report consists of an introduction, a section on civil and political rights, a section on economic, social and cultural rights and conclusions summarizing the overall picture of life on the peninsula during the occupation in terms of human rights. Additionally, each section contains a brief summary of the situation concerning the relevant group of rights in occupied Crimea as well as a conclusion describing the trends outlined in each section.

This report contains only analyzes of the acts of the Russian Federation as an occupying power in relation to its obligations to protect, respect and ensure human rights in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean Peninsula and does not cover information on Ukraine’s acts at the national, regional and international levels taken in relation to its sovereign territory, of which the entire Crimean Peninsula is an integral part.

The report was prepared by the Human Rights House Crimea, Crimean Human Rights Group, Regional Centre for Human Rights, Almenda Centre for Civic Education and ZMINA Human Rights Centre. The report is intended for representatives of public authorities, international and intergovernmental organizations, journalists, human rights advocates, and civil society activists.

The report is available in Ukrainian and English.