The “Implementation of the recommendations of the Universal Periodic Review (2017-2020)” report

The working group of the Human Rights Council assembled to review the National Report of Ukraine in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on November 15th, 2017. As the result, Ukraine received 190 recommendations regarding the problematic issues in the area of human rights that need to be resolved by 47 UN members. Ukraine accepted 163 recommendations while rejecting 27.

Non-governmental organizations prepared a review of the situation with human rights in the midterm period of the UPR cycle and assessed the state of implementation of the recommendations provided to Ukraine.

The report was prepared by Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, ZMINA Human Rights Center, CSO “La Strada-Ukraine”, Social Action Centre, CSO “Fight For Right”, Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv, Center for Civil Liberties.

Report is available in Ukrainian and English

The report was prepared by independent experts and NGOs with the support of the Civil Society for Democracy project and Human Rights for Ukraine project, which are implemented by the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine and funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The authors of the publication bear all the responsibility for the content, and the text of the publication does not necessarily reflect the positions of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the United Nations Development Program.