Head of ZMINA Tetiana Pechonchyk on Ukrainska Pravda-100 list of Ukraine’s leaders

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On November 22, the Ukrainska Pravda (UP) online media outlet published a list of 100 Ukrainian leaders with head of Human Rights Centre ZMINA Tetiana Pechonchyk among them. 

Tetiana Pechonchyk 

The UP notes that this is the first such list in the 23 years of the outlet’s existence. The list of leaders was determined by jury members made up of UP journalists and external experts. 

This project differs from other ratings that determine wealth or influence. Because we put such an important feature of human character as leadership in the first place. Our team sincerely believes that people who were able to take responsibility, who did more than even they expected from themselves, help our country to withstand in the most important historical battle for the right to exist,” the organizers note. 

Tetiana Pechonchyk is included in the Society section. The rating also has the following categories: public administration, defenders, business, culture and sports. Apart from Pechonchyk, head of the Center for Civil Liberties Oleksandra Matviichuk, co-founders of NGO “Principle” Liubov Halan and Masi Nayem, head of the Return Alive Foundation Taras Chmut and others are also included in the list among the Ukrainian public figures. 

As Nadia Volkova, director of the Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group, commented for UP: “An important feature of Tetiana is her desire and willingness to join forces. It is something without which it is impossible to achieve the most difficult and at the same time the most important goals that we set before ourselves, the country and the world to protect those who need it most. Tetiana inspires and embodies a model of the civil society that we strive for in Ukraine.” 

Every person who takes responsibility for the fate of other people and the fate of the country is a leader in wartime. Those who are not afraid to make difficult choices, who protect the border of the free world with weapons in hand, who build chains and collect donations, who help victims of crimes and bring justice closer. Leadership does not exist in a vacuum, it is always a team effort. This award is shared by the entire ZMINA team, it is a recognition of our work, daily and difficult, when we together strengthen each other and do incredible things,” Pechonchyk comments.