In Kyiv, human rights defenders discussed with international organisations the necessary steps for Ukraine to protect victims of the war

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On April 4, 2024, in Kyiv, Members of the Coalition, which since 2014 have been concerned with the protection of the rights of victims of the war, held a closed discussion of 11 priority steps for 2024 in the field of human rights protection in the conditions of great war.

Ukrainian human rights defenders told the representatives of international organisations, embassies and charitable foundations about steps which, in their opinion, the state should do to protect the rights of victims of the war, what challenges experts face when working with the authorities and promoting comprehensive necessary steps in this direction.

“The coalition conducts systematic work with state authorities to improve the situation of Ukrainians affected by the war. However, some of our recommendations definitely need understanding and support from international partners — embassies, foundations. That is why we decided to hold such a closed meeting, at which, on the one hand, we present our vision of the key steps of the state in 2024. On the other hand, we shared a vision of the stage at which the development and implementation of key policies for victims are, and what is the role and demand of civil society”, the advocacy manager of Human Rights Centre ZMINA, Alena Lunova said.

In particular, the Coalition advises the state to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as soon as possible and harmonise national criminal legislation with international law. According to experts, this will help strengthen the capacity of the national justice system. Also, human rights defenders believe that the state should move from point to comprehensive, long-term solutions to ensure the rights of IDPs, human rights defenders say.

Among the other necessary steps, according to experts, is a clear definition of the category of victims of the war so that they receive full support and protection.

More about the 11 priority steps for the authorities for 2024 you can find here.