Natalia Adamovych

Natalia Adamovych


Graduated from Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University with a degree in “Philology”, teacher of Russian language and literature.

Lived and worked almost all her life in the city of Dovzhansk (formerly Sverdlovsk), Luhansk region, as a journalist, photographer, and teacher at the School of Young Journalists.

In June 2014, with the start of the war in Donbas, moved with her daughter to Dnipro where continued to work as a journalist and photographer. Wrote about the war in the east, the rights of forcibly displaced persons, covered volunteer activity and animal rights.

Participated in the creation of the exposition of the first museum of ATO in Ukraine located in Dnipro.

Co-author of the book “Disadvantaged? Invincible!” about the fate of forcibly displaced persons.

Winner of the Rem Suvorov Award for the best creative work on a military-patriotic topic.

Since 2017, has been living in Kyiv, worked as a journalist at the NGO “Hromadskyi Hub”, contributed to the Krayina magazine and the Po-Ukrayinsky newspaper, has work experience as an editor.

Divides her leisure time between pug Harris, cat Trump, cat Ophelia, and two decorative rats Cristobal and Cristobal Jr.

“Very often people do not pay attention even to some obvious things until you point to them. And someone’s seemingly intractable problems find a solution when they are spoken of publicly. Therefore, I unwaveringly believe in journalism: an independent and influential force in a democratic society,” Natalia believes.