Elyzaveta Sokurenko

Elyzaveta Sokurenko



In 2014 graduated from the Department of Journalism, Advertising and Publishing of the I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University. After that, she worked as a media manager in a telecommunications company.

In 2017 got a Master’s degree in Journalism at Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv). Theme of diploma project: “Manens rea (constantly accused): a series of articles about women-representatives of vulnerable groups of the population”. As part of the project, she wrote about women representatives of vulnerable population groups – commercial sex workers, former prisoners, women living with HIV, drug addiction, etc.

Simultaneously with her studies, she worked as a media manager of the ODESSA CLASSICS International Music Festival.

In 2018, she took part in the “Civil Pitch: films of public activism” project of the Human Rights Centre ZMINA. Together with director Taisia Kutuzova, they won the pitching competition. Since then, she worked as an editor and producer on the creation of the documentary “You, fuck, shut up”, the premiere of which took place during the Docudays UA-2019 International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights.

As a journalist wrote for such Ukrainian media as “LB.ua”, “The Ukrainians”, “Korydor”, “Detector Media”, “Platforma”, “Dzerkalo tyzhnia” etc.

Interests: social topics, documentary film, art history. She also manages the Docudays UA Film Club at the Human Rights Centre ZMINA.