Yana Radchenko

Yana Radchenko

news editor


Studied at the Faculty of Journalism of the Zaporizhzhia National University. In 2021, graduated with honors, having defended the thesis entitled: “Hate speech against LGBT people in media.”

Since 2018, has been working as a freelance journalist in Explainer, Gender in Details, Women are 50% of Ukraine’s Success, Povaha (Respect) media outlets, etc., writing about human rights, feminism, and gender equality.

Author and co-author of 12 research papers on social communications, journalistic ethics, and professional standards. In 2021, published the article “Image of a Woman in Mass Consciousness and Mass Media” in Scientific Notes of Ostroh Academy.

In 2020, became the prize winner of the Contest of journalistic works on the topic of gender-sensitive reporting and overcoming hate speech.

Twice participated in the Contest of journalistic materials on gender topics, taking 1st place in 2020, and 2nd place in 2022, in the “Best material in thematic outlets” nomination.

In 2021, became a finalist in the Professional Journalism Competition “Honor of Profession” in the “Best Journalism” nomination, and the prize winner in the “Hope of Journalism” nomination.

Since 2018, has been participating in human rights rallies in Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv as a feminist and LGBT activist. In particular, was a safety volunteer at Zaporizhzhia Pride 2020.